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Are you ready?

As long as you are able to swim 10 meters and are in good enough shape to be hiking for as long as our trip duration, you are ready!

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Discover rivers
from a different perspective

Join Vertical Rivers for an adventure of a lifetime in the beautiful wilderness of British Columbia's most hidden canyons

can·yon·ing – the sport of exploring a canyon by engaging in such activities as rappelling, scrambling, sliding and waterfall jumping.

Vertical Rivers offers a true canyoning experience. Unlike most other canyoning operators with Vertical Rivers you will learn the most up to date techniques enabling you to safely descend through the canyons and giving you a true sense of accomplishment. When we are not having fun on our tours we spend our time exploring and preparing new remote canyons to offer you a truly unique experience away from the crowds, in waterfalls and canyons you won't find in any guide book


Our Tours

There are many exciting canyons, creeks and waterfalls in Revelstoke and around the Selkirk and Monashee mountain ranges. Give us a call if have specific hopes and dreams for your canyoning experience and we will be able to create the perfect trip for you. Below are some of our favourite trips catering to all skill / experience levels.
Half Day Canyoning  

Rock Jam Canyon - 2-4 hour round trip

 - 5 min approach

 - 5 rappels / guided slides

 - Option to jump

 - 10 min exit

Youth $185

Full Day Adventurer

Rock Jam & Whip Canyon - 4-7 hour round trip

 - Visits 2 half day canyons, easy access

 - Lots of technical rappels

 - Adventurous slides

 - Option to jump

Full Day Daredevil

Remote Canyon - 4-7 hour trip time

 - 60-90 min approach

 - Lots rappels, jumps & slides

 - fast moving white water

 - 10 min scramble out

$295 pp

* all timings are approximate from downtown pick up point, number of rappels and jumps are an indication to trip length  but are subject to change at the guide's discretion; based on ability, weather and water flow 

  • Canyoning!? What should I expect?
    Expect to have an awesome adventure! Canyoning is a relatively new sport that entails descending with a creek or river through deep gorges. We will make our way the same way the water does either by sliding with it, jumping down into it (our favorite way), or by using ropes to rappel through technical sections. Sometimes we also setup zip lines to soar above the canyon floor and rushing water beneath us. Canyoing is truly an exploration and adventure unlike any other. Our guides will teach you all the techniques you will need to have an amazing and fulfilling adventure
  • What should I bring?
    Vertical Rivers has all the specialised equipment you will need for your adventure, but make sure you have the following... 1. A swim suit, we will be getting wet! 2. Running shoes or light hikers that can get wet (we will be hiking through rough terrain so water shoes are not reccomended) 4. A change of clothes and shoes for after the trip ends 5. A full stomach... but some light snacks in case you get hangry ;) If you wear glasses, it's a good idea to bring a case with you to tuck them away during those extreme moments.
  • What happens when we arrive?
    Our day will start with gearing up, all the kit we will need will be provided to you, you will have the chance to try on the equiment before we start. Once we are geared up we will hike to a training location to go over the basics of canyoning and teach you the techniques you will need to descend the canyon safely.
  • Is Canyoning safe?
    With any adventure sports there are inherent risks involved, this is generally why we love them so much. However our guides have years of experience teaching the skills required to enjoy Canyoning in a safe environment and have received world class training from the best in the industry. We continue to work closely with the Universal Canyoning Academy to ensure our techniques are as current as they can be.
  • What equipment will we use?
    At Vertical Rivers we use the highest quality and latest Canyoning gear Vade Retro Canyoning Wetsuits (warm and protected) Olaian Neoprene Booties Petzl Canyon Club Harnesses Petzl & Simond Hardware Simond Mountaineering Helmets Petzl Semi Static Canyoneering Ropes

Your Training

Our expert Canyoneers don’t just guide, they will teach you the most up to date canyoning techniques, ensuring your descent down some of the most scenic and untouched Canyons of BC’s wilderness will be unforgettable.

No matter your level or experience you are sure to have an unforgettable day.

Our guides are certified by European and American Canyoning Associations. 

Working closley with the Universal Canyoning Academy to bring the most upto date techniques to our trainees and offering online course content to all our guests

AJ the Owner and Lead guide at Vertical Rivers discovered his love of Canyoning 15years ago and turned his passion into a career with many years of professional guiding experience. AJ has multiple first descents and trained closley with world record breaking canyoning teams  


Our ethos

With outdoor adventure sports on the rise, more and more people are venturing into the back country and disturbing the natural beauty and balance of our wonderful planet.

Our trips are tailored to have as little impact on our immediate environment as possible. We use established trails and when in the canyon we take routes designed to minimise our effect on the local flora and fauna.


“Fantastic experience! excellent instruction from our guide, he made it fun and achievable for all skill levels in our group. Will definitely go out with these guys again.”

Maura - July 2021

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